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La Jolla Independent BMW Service is located in San Diego County
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La Jolla Independent is a world-renowned BMW Restoration Service facility. Please check out our Restoration Section for the latest information, upgrade tips, picture galleries, and our featured restorations in progress. We take great pride in breathing new life into the wonderful BMWs of the past


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Wiring Harness Friction Tape

Tired of the old and tattered looking wiring harness in your engine bay, underdash or trunk?  This friction tape is the answer to your problems!

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If you've ever tried to find the original type of single-sided friction tape, exactly as the old tape you remove from your wiring harness, you're probably found that the only cloth tape available is double sided, much like hockey tape. This tape has no adhesive on the outside but sticks to itself like gangbusters when wrapped around wiring, and it won't leave a sticky residue on that freshly painted engine bay or valve cover either! Don't be fooled by similar looking packages from 3M, this tape is only one we've found with single sided adhesive.

Price: $8.00

Water Pumps

We’ve got your BMW water pump needs covered.  Call or email us for pricing for your specific vehicle application.

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A failed water pump can kill your BMW. In the earlier models, it is not unusual that they will leak over time. In the newer BMW's we recommend a water pump change when the radiator is replaced as the factory pumps fail causing harm to your engine and belts. We've got every water pump in stock, even the rare M1!

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Washer Line (early)

Part Number: 61 66 1 357 388
We stock the OEM clear washer line for your restoration needs.

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This OEM washer line is hard to find and is a great addition to your restoration project as it freshens up the engine compartment. Depending on your vehicle, the amount needed will vary. We also stock most resivoirs, pumps and squirter units should you require those. Inquire via email or by phone. Price is per meter.

Price: $5.99

Used Parts

We have tons of used parts for your classic BMW. Call us at 800-466-8184 to inquire for pricing and availability of your specific application and needs.

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We have parts for almost all classic BMW's from the 50's up until the late 80's. Call for details as this is only a partial display of our inventory.

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Spark Plugs

We recommend replacing the spark plugs in your BMW with every major tune-up.  Call  or email us for pricing and availability for your specific application.

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Spark Plugs are one of the most essential elements of your ignition system in your BMW. Replace them as part of your normal tune-up (Every 18,000 miles or as needed for earlier cars). We have all plugs in stock whether you have a 2002tii, a 330ci, or even an M1. Please specify your model and year when you place an order so that we may get you the correct spark plug for your BMW.

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Plug Wire Set

Replace old hardened wire sets during every tune-up
on your BMW to increase performance and efficiency.

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Worn plug wire sets can cause all sorts of crazy things to happen to your BMW's performance. We carry most plug wire sets including those for motorsport cars. New ingnition caps and rotors are also recommended when replacing your old wire set--an important part of any major service and tune-up.

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Pertronix Electronic Ignition Kit

The Ignitor by Pertronix replaces your points and condenser with a solid-state electronic ignition system. The unit fits entirely under your stock distributor cap.  What style points and what type of distributor do you have? Not sure? Check out our distributor decipher page found on the “Information and Downloads” link above.

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The Ignitor will give your engine better fuel economy, more horsepower, longer plug life and all the advantages of an electronic ignition system. The Ignitor installs in less than 30 minutes in most cases. Maintain the stock look and never change your points again! What Pertronix has to say about their Ignitor kits: "Engineering: A precisely engineered solid-state breakerless ignition system. Rotating cobalt magnets, mounted on the distributor shaft trigger an electronic switching module (Hall Cell) for higher voltages up to 35,000... and with 1/4 degree timing accuracy from zero to 15,000 RPM. The module is epoxy encapsulated for protection against moisture, dirt, dust, oil, etc. Economy: Engines enjoy improved fuel economy, maintaining an efficient state-of-tune with no points to ever get out of adjustment. Users also report two to three times the spark plug life after installation. The Ignitor eliminates minor tune-ups and quickly pays for itself."


Oil Filter M52/54/56 screw on

11 42 1 427 908 (HU925/3)

The oil filter (and oil) in these cars should be 
changed every 5000 miles with a high quality German filter and full synthetic 5w30 oil.

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This Mahle or Mann german filter is used for all 3 and 5 series cars with in-line dual-cam 6 cylinder engines. Requires plastic screw top oil filter housing. Never settle for a lower quality filter when you can have the best for your BMW. Protect your investment with a quality filter today!

Price: $12.25

Oil Filter M50/52 bolt style

11 42 1 730 389 (OX 68D)

Oil changes every 5000 miles are crucial in these cars. Purchase your oil filters here for less while still maintaining quality by using approved OEM filters. Never settle for less when it comes to your BMW engine oil.

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Change your oil every 5,000 miles and do it cheaper with a Mahle or Mann german oil filter. This filter is good for all in-line six dual-cam engines in 3, and 5 series except the 318i. Filter is for bolt-style filter housing.

Price: $12.25

Oil Filter M20

11 42 1 266 773 (OC49)

Spin on type oil filter for all M20 engines. You should be changing your BMW’s oil every 3000 miles with non synthetic 20w50 with one of these high grade OEM approved filters.

Additional DescriptionMore Details
This filter fits all M20 engines. Good for all e30 3-series as well as e28 528e's. Filter will be either a Mann or Mahle unit depending on current stock. Don't settle for a non-german low quality filter at a higher price!

Price: $11.50

Oil Filter M10/S14

BMW Part No 11 42 9 063 138 or OX41D

Only top quality for your 5, 6 or 7 series BMW. Never settle for less when it comes to your oil filter. Replace your engine oil and filter every 3-5000 miles depending on your year. Call for advice!

Additional DescriptionMore Details
This filter will be either a Mann or Mahle unit depending on current stock. Don't settle for a non-german low quality filter at a higher price. Call or Email today to order!

Price: $17.23

OEM Hardware

We stock all harware new (if available) and have buckets and buckets of hard to find nuts, bolts and washers.

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Always use the correct hardware size and rating when restoring your car, or simply replacing old rusty nuts and bolts. In addition to our stock of new hardware, we have an unbelievable selection of used hardware for those odd-ball items. Don't settle for sub-par hardware, give us a call with your hardware needs; from exhaust nuts to hose-clamps, we've got it.

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Ignition Points/Condensor Kit

Replace and adjust your points during a major tune-up on your BMW. Get a set free when you purchase a Pertronix Kit. Just request it with your order!

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Don't forget to replace your spark plugs, wires, and filters with your tune-up. A complete tune up will provide you with the most noticeable returns and performance enhancement on your BMW.



Looking for that perfect gift for your BMW fan? We have a great collection of gifts for any BMW enthusiast. If you are looking for a special item but not quite sure what to get, we can make recommendations depending on what your BMW fanatic drives. Or, you can get that someone a gift certificate good for both parts and service.

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Fuel Filter

Replace your fuel filter as part of a major
tune-up to keep your BMW’s fuel delivery system clean and efficient.

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Changing your fuel filter should be part of every major tune-up when your BMW is serviced. We carry only the finest fuel filters for your BMW from an Isetta to a new 7 series. Fuel filter maintenence becomes crucial on cars that are over 10 years old as deposits and rust can develop over time in the bottom of your tank. Specify your year and model before ordering (In some cases you will need a production date).

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E9/2800/3.0cs Control Arms

When adding lowering springs, sway bars, camber plates and shocks, give your BMW the tight ride it deserves with a fresh pair of control arms

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For the past year e9 control arms have been unattainable worldwide. BMW was out of stock and our most favorite aftermarket supplier also ran out. Now back in stock are the Ocap control arms to fit your 3.0cs! While the bushings are serviceable on the existing arms in your car, the ball joint is one with the whole assembly. When the ball joint is done, the jig is up! These arms are of very high quality and in our experience have been up to the test for year after year of use. Priced very reasonably at $110 each, this may be the best money you’ve ever spent to tighten up the suspension in your vintage BMW!


Differential Reinforcement for E9/CS Cars

Currently on Back Order

Differential reinforcement box for your damaged (or undamaged) differential mounting points.  Choose the option with no welded nuts for an undamaged car that you want to reinforce, or the one with welded nuts for the mangled one that needs repair!  Custom manufactured locally in California.


Cap & Rotor

Replace your BMW’s ignition cap and rotor as part of a major tune-up. Call or email with your model and year of car for pricing.

Additional DescriptionMore Details
A worn Ignition Cap and Rotor can lead to many problems including failure to run. We have tested the durability of many different 'OEM' suppliers and found that the Bosh unit is the only one we will back for both it's build quality and durability. Replace your worn out Cap and Rotor to insure that your BMW engine runs at peak performance. Don't forget your other tune-up parts such as plugs, wires and points/condensor for those earlier BMWs!

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Brake Line Grommets (4)

34 32 1 102 417

Each car requires four, a must have after a paint job or if they are missing. Keep your hard lines in check.



Replace your worn engine drive belts early and often. Old, cracked belts can leave you stranded or cause damage to your BMW’s engine.

Additional DescriptionMore Details
We stock all of the correct belts for your BMW. Engine drive belts wear and age over time becoming more prone to breakage during operation. Replacing your BMW's drive belts is another important step in ensuring your vehicle's reliability. These should be replaced with every major service or work to the cooling system. Call or email us for prices and details. Be sure to include year and model of your car.

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Air Filters

We stock every air filter regardless of what BMW you drive. Replace frequently as a part of your routine tune-up
to keep dirt out and clean air in.

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Getting clean air into your BMW's engine as well as your engine components such as air flow meters and air mass meters is crucial to engine longevity and performance. Certian 'High Flow' filters are not approved as they simply do not filter well enough and cause significant damage to your intake valves and various air monitoring systems. We have all filters in stock from an early 1600 to a late 745li. Please specify the year and model of your BMW to get the correct air filter.

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3.0cs/2002 Dome Light Lens

***Currently Unavailable***

A brand new reproduction of the previously NLA dome lens, these pieces are perfect in shape and color and will freshen up your old, cracked and yellowing dome light in your vintage BMW 3.0cs or 2002!  Priced at $49 each (lens only) these pieces are an inexpensive way to out-perform your competitors in the next clean car contest! (Matches part number 63 31 8 690 150)


3.0 CS Turn Signal Lenses

Right lens currently on backorder. Expected in stock March 2018

BMW Part Number 63 13 1 811 295 & 63 13 1 811 296

Turn signal lenses for your US Spec E9!

Additional DescriptionMore Details
These lenses for the right side of your coupe have been unavailable for many years. Knowing the demand for clean looking turn signal lenses, LJI has had these lenses custom cast from a new original lens. These reproductions are perfect in shape and color. Left hand sides are also available at the same price, original from the factory. $130 for the Right Lens, $80 for the Left, or buy both for $200!


2002/M10 Ignition Wire Set

Built with high quality Beru wire and ends, these sets are numbered 1 through 4 for ease of installation, their lengths already cut to fit.  We’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the look and performance of this wire set.  (Wire set part nr 12 12 1 360 842)

Additional DescriptionMore Details
After several frustrating attempts at using the popularly provided wire sets from various vendors, we discovered that there was a significant lack in quality wire sets for the 4 cylinder engines. Our solution? Make our own! Manufactured by the very company that has been making ignition wire sets for BMW for the last 40 years, we commissioned them to build us 20 sets for our in house and parts customers.

Price: $119.37

2002/E3/E9 Front Sunroof Seal

These have been out of stock at BMW for several months now.  Back on the shelf and ready to be shipped anywhere along with the rear, if needed, too!  $140 for the front seal.


2002 tii Fuel Injector Tube Set

Currently out of stock, new order expected to arrive February 2018. Please email to reserve a set in advance.

Complete set of four (4) fuel injection tubes for your 2002 tii.

Additional DescriptionMore Details
If you’ve tried to buy new fuel injection tubes for your tii in the last few years, you’ve probably found that the #1 injection tube you received from your parts source was wrong! BMW has incorrectly superseded a black, un-formed fuel line that simply will not work on your tii! Seeking injection tubes that match for our customer’s restorations both in house and elsewhere, our prayers were answered when we found a factory-quality source for custom made tubes! Using original injection tubes from BMW as a pattern, these have been carefully modified to make for better clearance and more accurate curves to bring the beautifully flared ends from the Kuglefischer to the injectors on the manifold, making installation easier and completing the clean look of the engine bay of your restored tii!


2002 Speedo Cable for 5 Speed

Make connecting your speedo cable a breeze when installing your 5 speed gearbox in your 2002!

Additional DescriptionMore Details
These cables were imported from German manufacturer GEMO, not from BMW! BMW's cables are incorrect and will not fit in your transmission or to the back of your speedometer. This is the only true 5 speed speedo cable available!


1600/2002 Cabriolet Dome Light Lens

These lenses have been unavailable for years!  Using our last remaining original, we had this lens custom remanufactured to fit the very special (and rare) dome light found on the center console of a 1600/2002 convertible right in front of the shift lever.  Spruce up that tired old dome light for only $49.50.  Order today and we’ll include a brand new bulb free of charge! (Matches part number 63 31 1 353 177 or 63 31 9 055 589).