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La Jolla Independent is a world-renowned BMW Restoration Service facility. Please check out our Restoration Section for the latest information, upgrade tips, picture galleries, and our featured restorations in progress. We take great pride in breathing new life into the wonderful BMWs of the past

New and Special BMW Parts

**These Just In!**

2002/E3/E9 Front Sunroof Seal

These have been out of stock at BMW for several months now.  Back on the shelf and ready to be shipped anywhere along with the rear, if needed, too!  $69 each.

Sunroof Seal 02e9 ft

2002tii Throttle Body Spring

Have a broken or worn spring on the inside of the ‘tuna can’ of your tii?  BMW no longer makes this spring, so we did!  $25.


E9 Differential Reinforcement Box

Differential reinforcement box for your damaged (or undamaged) differential mounting points.  Choose the option with no welded nuts for an undamaged car that you want to reinforce, or the one with welded nuts for the mangled one that needs repair!  Custom manufactured locally in California.

diff box reinforcement

E9 Control Arms

For the past year e9 control arms have been unattainable worldwide.  BMW was out of stock and our most favorite aftermarket supplier also ran out.  Now back in stock are the Ocap control arms to fit your 3.0cs!  While the bushings are serviceable on the existing arms in your car, the ball joint is one with the whole assembly.  When the ball joint is done, the jig is up!  These arms are of very high quality and in our experience have been up to the test for year after year of use.  Priced very reasonably at $110 each, this may be the best money you’ve ever spent to tighten up the suspension in your vintage BMW!

E9 Control 03E9 Control 04E9 Control 05

BMW 2002 tii Fuel Injection Tubes

If you’ve tried to buy new fuel injection tubes for your tii in the last few years, you’ve probably found that the #1 injection tube you received from your parts source was wrong! BMW has incorrectly superseded a black, unformed fuel line that purely will not work on your tii! Seeing a need for injection tubes that match for our customer’s restorations both in house and elsewhere, we found a source for custom made tubes and had complete sets made! Using original injection tubes from BMW, these have been carefully modified to make for better clearance and more accurate curves to bring the beautifully flared ends from the Kuglefischer to the injectors on the manifold, making installation easier and completing the clean look of the engine bay of your restored tii!  Price for a set is $200.  Sorry, no single tubes available.

(Part numbers for reference only: 13-53-1-262-119   |  13-53-1-262-121   |  13-53-1-262-123   |  13-53-1-262-125)


Custom tii injection tube set

customized flared end

customized flared end

Wiring Harness Friction Tape

Tired of the old and tattered looking wiring harness in your engine bay, underdash or trunk?  This friction tape is the answer to your problems! If you’ve ever tried to find the original type of single-sided friction tape, exactly as the old tape you remove from your wiring harness, you’re probably found that the only cloth tape available is double sided, much like hockey tape. This tape has no adhesive on the outside but sticks to itself like gangbusters when wrapped around wiring, and it won’t leave a sticky residue on that freshly painted engine bay or valve cover either! Don’t be fooled by similar looking packages from 3M, this tape is only one we’ve found with single sided adhesive.  $5 per roll.

Friction Tape 01Friction Tape 02

E9 Trunk-lid Mounted Tool Kit

Finally available! An answer to the vintage E9 owner’s search for a proper tool kit for your cs, this unit is stronger and thicker than the original items that originally came on the cars in the 70’s. The box includes a brand new foam insert for keeping the toolkit organized in your trunk. Pictured here with a full set of tools installed.  $395, brand new.

toolkit outsidetoolkit inside

(tools sold separately) 

2002 Ball Joint

Update the suspension on your 2002 with a set of Moog ball joints.  Although the ball joint is a hearty component of the suspension set up on an 02, they do wear out and cause sloppy steering and premature tire wear.  Other suppliers may offer a similar part for less, but the quality is found here with the Moog ball joint. Moog (a subsidiary of Federal Mogul) is one of the top end manufacturers for suspension components of numerous makes and models and has been supplying these parts for BMWs for years. $29 ea.

Ball Joint 02

2002 5-Speed Conversion Clutch Hose

A common question mark among the 5-speed conversion procedure is how to efficiently connect the clutch master cylinder to the slave on the transmission as BMW never produced a hose to connect the two together with the needed length.  Designed for use on the street or race track, we now offer this custom stainless steel braided hose to connect the two directly to one another with a single piece. Utilizing carefully chosen angles on the connections at the ends, this hose will fit beautifully the the cramped space on a 2002 with a 5 speed crammed in!  This hose is DOT approved and features a centrally located bracket for securing the hose to the transmission to prevent chafe during normal operation. This hose is a steal at $28, and also is a part that has never been available from BMW! $44 ea (web special).


2002 Rear Brake Shoes (230 mm)

Yes, believe your eyes! This is a complete set of rear brake shoes for any 2002. Don’t be fooled by other vendors selling them for less; other lower priced options are for only one or two shoes! Priced reasonably at $45, this brake shoe set comes with 4 shoes, two of which include a brand new hand brake lever arm. Made of high quality braking compound, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the quality of these fantastic shoes! **Note: these will not fit your 1600. If you require 1600 brake shoes please contact us to specifically request them.**  $45 per set.

02 brake shoes small

Italian Turn Signal Lenses for all E9 Chassis

Once again we have produced a long since NLA and heavily sought-after lens for your vintage E9.  Exacting in construction much like our US reproduction lenses, these are a fantastic example of the original Sidler Italian two-tone turn signal lens in the European (shallower) cross section.  Set your coupe apart from the competition at the next Clean Car show with a pair of new and shiny turn lenses like no one has ever seen!  In stock and priced per pair only, these are a steal at $178.  Get yours today in time for your next group drive!


2002 Constant Velocity (CV) Joints

Long since extinct, we have reproduced the original spec. 2002 CV Joints for the 2002!  New axles from BMW are up over $400 each, so rebuilding your existing ones with new CV joints priced at only $95 each is the only way to go!  These will fit any 1600 or 2002 with CV joints on them (as opposed to universal joints).  Solidly built, tested and approved, these items are in stock and we can ship today!

cv joint 2002 01cv joint 2002 02cv joint 2002 03

2002/M10 Ignition Wire Set

After several frustrating attempts at using the popularly provided wire sets from various vendors, we discovered that there was a significant lack in quality wire sets for the 4 cylinder engines.  Our solution?  Make our own!  Manufactured by the very company that has been making ignition wire sets for BMW for the last 40 years, we commissioned them to build us 20 sets for our in house and parts customers.  Built with high quality Beru wire and ends, these sets are numbered 1 through 4 for ease of installation, their lengths already cut to fit.  We’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the look and performance of this wire set.  Price for one set is $45, down from $119! Add in a custom set of wire holders that mount to your valve cover for only $12! (Wire set part nr 12 12 1 360 842)

02 Ign Wires 0102 Ign Wires 0202 Ign Wires 03Ign Wire holders

1600/2002 Euro Turn Signal Lenses

Finally an answer to the demand!  These heavily sought after flat turn signal lenses for the 2002 went NLA about two years ago but recently came back into availability from BMW.  Currently no one in the US stocks these parts, but La Jolla Independent has a special secret stash of a few sets just for our ‘02 customers.  As perfect as the originals, the brilliant amber lens next to the brand new chrome surround will give your car the sheen you seek to make them turn their heads as you cruise by.  Priced at $225 each these are only sold as a set.  Don’t hesitate as supplies are limited! (BMW Part Numbers 63 13 8 454 102 and 63 13 8 454 103).

02 Euro Turn Lens 0102 Euro Turn Lens 02

1600/2002 Cabriolet Dome Light Lens Reproduction

These lenses have been unavailable for years!  Using our last remaining original lens, we had this lens custom remanufactured to fit the very special (and rare) dome light found on the center console of a 1600/2002 convertible right in front of the shift lever.  Spruce up that tired old dome light for only $49.50.  Order today and we’ll include a brand new bulb free of charge! (Matches part number 63 31 1 353 177 or 63 31 9 055 589).

02 Cab Domelight Lens

3.0cs/2002 Dome Light Lens Reproduction

A brand new reproduction of the previously NLA dome lens, these pieces are perfect in shape and color and will freshen up your old, cracked and yellowing dome light in your vintage BMW 3.0cs or 2002!  Priced at $49 each (lens only) these pieces are an inexpensive way to out-perform your competitors in the next clean car contest! (Matches part number 63 31 8 690 150)


La Jolla Independent Special 3.0cs Lowering Springs–Now in Stock!!

**Currently In Stock!!!**

These springs have been custom wound in order to lower the front and rear while not over-stiffening the ride of your vintage BMW. A favorite item among our coupé owners, these springs are track tested and passenger approved.

CS Lowering Springs

These springs will fit all E9 chassis, and when working on your suspension, we like to recommend replacing the front strut mounts, spring pads, and front and rear shocks.  For those looking to further increase performance including the La Jolla custom sway bars, camber plates and strut brace is a perfect compliment to the ultimate suspension package. The price is for the set of four springs, front and rear. Free shipping to continental US. $395

Headliner Material for all E9 (2.5, 2800, 3.0 non csl)

Newly available ORIGINAL material for the headliner of your E9 Coupé!  Matches BMW part number 51 92 1 802 983.  Currently $75 per square meter, and you’ll need 3 meters for your sunroof car, or 2.5 for your non sunroof car (includes enough to recover the header panel at the top of the windshield as well).  Stock is limited so call or email now!  (We also have csl headliner material in small quantities).


Trunk Panel Material – “Elephant Skin”

Factory original trunk panel material to recover those worn out and discolored trunk boards in your 2002 or E9 of any vintage!  This material is the best match we have ever found to the material found originally on the various trunk panels in your vintage BMW.  Price is $139 per square meter, about 3 meters needed to redo the whole trunk.  Matches part number 51 95 1 811 281.  Stock is limited so call/email and order today!

US E9 Turn Signal Lenses

Reproduction Turn Lenses: $112 each/$210 per pair.  BMW Part Number 63 13 1 811 295 & 63 13 1 811 296

US E9 Turn Lens web 01US E9 Turn Lens web 02 US E9 Turn Lens web 03

Right hand side turn signal lenses for your US Spec E9!  These lenses for the right side of your coupe have been unavailable for many years.  Knowing the demand for clean looking turn signal lenses, LJI has had these lenses custom cast from a brand new original lens.  These re-productions are perfect in shape and color and we’re sure you’ll be very surprised at the quality of this part for a very accented part of your car.  Left hand sides are also available at the same price, original from the factory.

$112 per side, or buy both for $210!