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La Jolla Independent BMW Service is located in San Diego County
5535 La Jolla Boulevard
San Diego, California 92037
Tel: (858) 488-1555

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La Jolla Independent is a world-renowned BMW Restoration Service facility. Please check out our Restoration Section for the latest information, upgrade tips, picture galleries, and our featured restorations in progress. We take great pride in breathing new life into the wonderful BMWs of the past

2002 tii Fuel Injector Tube Set

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2002 tii Fuel Injector Tube Set

2002 tii Fuel Injector Tube Set

Currently out of stock, new order expected to arrive February 2018. Please email to reserve a set in advance.

Complete set of four (4) fuel injection tubes for your 2002 tii.

If you’ve tried to buy new fuel injection tubes for your tii in the last few years, you’ve probably found that the #1 injection tube you received from your parts source was wrong! BMW has incorrectly superseded a black, un-formed fuel line that simply will not work on your tii! Seeking injection tubes that match for our customer’s restorations both in house and elsewhere, our prayers were answered when we found a factory-quality source for custom made tubes! Using original injection tubes from BMW as a pattern, these have been carefully modified to make for better clearance and more accurate curves to bring the beautifully flared ends from the Kuglefischer to the injectors on the manifold, making installation easier and completing the clean look of the engine bay of your restored tii!