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La Jolla Independent BMW Service is located in San Diego County
5535 La Jolla Boulevard
San Diego, California 92037
Tel: (858) 488-1555

Mon-Fri 8:00a-5:30p


La Jolla Independent is a world-renowned BMW Restoration Service facility. Please check out our Restoration Section for the latest information, upgrade tips, picture galleries, and our featured restorations in progress. We take great pride in breathing new life into the wonderful BMWs of the past

Gifts and Software

BMW 2002 Model

Model of 2002 race car, Inka orange. $7.50 shipped.


BMW Profiles Books

The Legendary BMW 507 by Dr. Karlheinz Lange

507 book

Profiling the conception, development and birth of one of BMW’s most famous and sought after cars, this book is packed with rare photographs, drawings and rich history surrounding one of BMW’s favorite accomplishments.  Hardbound in a beautiful red hue, not only will this book spark your interest in the pages, it will look fantastic on your shelf next to the other BMW Profiles books you’ve collected over the years!  Buy yours today for $45 shipped.  ISBN 978-0837613598 **Sorry, currently unavailable!**

Touring-Car Racing and Sports Cars by Stefan Knittel

Touring Car Racing & Sports Cars

One of the most popular books from the BMW Profiles series, this book details the illustrious career of BMW’s production car racing in touring series the world over.  Filled with rich photographs and anecdotes, this book is a sure thing for any BMW enthusiast!  $45 shipped.  ISBN 978-3-8025-1623-8

BMW Coupes: A Tradition of Excellence by BMW Mobile Traditions

Coupes close

Covering the history of the esteemed BMW Coupé, this volume will be sure to impress any coupé owner.  Countless color and black and white photographs take you through the evolution of 2-door BMWs through the years.  A must have for any vintage coupé driver! $45 shipped.  *Sorry, Not Currently Available!*

Paul Rosche: Behind the Curtains                                                              The History of a Legendary Engine Constructor by Karl H. Hufstadt

Paul Rosche Profile

Hufstadt’s biography on Mr. Rosche’s career working for BMW Motorsport sheds light on the mind behind the muscle that pushed BMW’s racing division to so many victories for so many decades.  Don’t miss this chance to learn the history behind every engine BMW has built since the 1960’s!  $45 shipped.  ISBN 978-3802515200  **Currently Unavailable**

Formula-Racing: 1966-2000 by Stefan Knittel

F1 book

BMW’s history in Formula Racing has had its ups and downs.  Stefan Knittel walks us through BMW’s drivers, car and engine designers and their successes and failures.  Beautifully written and illustrated, this is a must have in the series.  $35 shipped.  ISBN

Motorcycles from Berlin: 1969-1998 by BMW Mobile Traditions

Motorcycles book

Every motorcycle nut must have one!  The second in a series of two detailing BMW’s motorcycles built after 1969, this book follows true to form with photos, illustrations, and rich text.  $45 shipped.

La Jolla Independent Polo Shirts

Available in M, L and XL, grey and blue.  $25 each.

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