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La Jolla Independent BMW Service is located in San Diego County
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La Jolla Independent is a world-renowned BMW Restoration Service facility. Please check out our Restoration Section for the latest information, upgrade tips, picture galleries, and our featured restorations in progress. We take great pride in breathing new life into the wonderful BMWs of the past

BMW Oil Change Service

The most basic and essential service that all BMWs need is an Oil Change in order to protect your engine and its support groups. Each Oil Service includes a full Oil and filter change on your BMW, as well as a multi-point check over to insure that no issues arise for your car in the future.


It is recommended that you change the oil on your BMW in accordance with your driving habits. Here is a guide, based on mileage, for when your BMW should recieve an Oil Service:

  • 0-12,000 miles per-year – 2 Oil Services per year
  • 12,000 -20,000 miles per year – Oil Service every 5,000 miles
  • 20,0000 miles and greater – Oil Service every 7,500 miles

No appointment is needed for an Oil Service and typically we can have you in-and-out in under 40 minutes. Prices for BMW Oil Services can vary somewhat depending on engine size.

While your service indicator light may indicate that you need to change your BMW’s oil every 15,000 miles, this has proven to be detrimental to the engine in the long run.  This is an except from an article that outlines the dangers of following a 15,000 mile oil change interval:

My first encounter with the end result of this program came on a 2001 BMW 525it with 86,000 miles.  It had a leaking valve cover gasket, so we removed the valve cover and uncovered what is now a growing problem:

BMW Oil Changes

Gunk on Camshaft

What you are seeing is a substantial amount of build-up, or ‘gunk’ as some call it.  This car had its oil changed approximately every 15,000 miles, and the results are bleak.  The synthetic oil has basically turned into a plastic film, clogging many important oil passages and is now choking the engine.  If you have a BMW and you have been following the 15,000 mile oil change policy, or you simply wait for the car to tell you to change the oil, break this habit now!

A commitment to a proper Oil Service interval as well as a good tune-up schedule drastically increases the lifetime of your BMW.  If you have any questions regarding the Oil Change Service, feel free to contact us or give us a call!